The same for less: a fur blanket

The same for less: a fur blanket

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The thermometer is close to zero degrees, so it's time to warm up the decor with (fake) fur accessories to install in all rooms of the house. This week, the editorial team has set its sights on a sublime soft blanket at Plaid Addict in which we dream of cocooning! We tell you more… To have a decorative decor to face the winter, we play the card of soft materials to keep warm. What could be better than a faux fur blanket in which you wrap yourself in the evening to watch a good movie or on weekends to read a book? We succumb to the models from Plaid Addict who play with natural colors like brown, gray or even red and that we install without complex on the sofa the chaise longue or on the bed. If its price approaching 90 euros can scare more than one, know that there are models resembling our gray plaid favorite at less than 40 euros! We have found one at Alinéa in the same tones which will have no trouble getting a cozy little place at your place.

The gray faux fur plaid at Plaid Addict for € 89 / The Lalou Text faux fur plaid. at Alinéa at € 34.40