Before / After: Expanding a house with a contemporary extension

Before / After: Expanding a house with a contemporary extension

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Saving space is one of the perpetual quests of our generation. Individuals today appreciate the beautiful volumes, which let the light circulate while offering large living rooms. In this Parisian suburban house, the owners lacked space and in particular rooms in sufficient number for their children. The decoration, dated and not well suited to the desires of the family, was also to be reviewed in its entirety. They therefore called on the architect Ninon Josset to enlarge the walls via a magnificent extension of contemporary style. Decryption. Before : This pretty suburban house has all the advantages of family accommodation: beautiful living rooms, two bedrooms, a complete basement ... However, the family having grown, its members do not really find their place in the 133m2 of housing. The owners' dream? Use the basement to transform it into a sleeping area with bathroom and laundry room, which would allow them to convert the space on the ground floor into a living room. They therefore call on the architect Ninon Josset to offer them a renovation solution: after a first visit, the young woman notices several drawbacks. The land adjoining the house is very steep and can not bear construction in the state; it must therefore be flattened out to create a sufficiently large surface which will serve as the basis for the future extension. The second problem is aesthetic: the owners indeed want an extension of contemporary style, which does not harmonize with the classic architecture of the house. It is essential that the future construction be integrated with the accommodation, without giving the impression of having been added downstream.
The project : After several weeks of studies and sketches, Ninon Josset offers the owners a new plan of the house, including a complete transformation of the basement. The latter is enlarged by means of an extension placed in its extension. The architect decided to exploit the entire surface of this new construction by imagining a beautiful terrace placed above it. The exteriors of the house are also completely refurbished, with an external wooden staircase connecting the ground floor to the basement, as well as a second terrace opening onto the garden.
After : The new house has taken on a much more contemporary look thanks to the renovation of the exteriors which are now harmonized with the extension of the basement. The tiles have disappeared in favor of a much more modern aluminum roof. The traditional shutters have also been replaced by built-in roller shutters, more in keeping with the new style of the house. Three beautiful bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room are created in the basement, freeing up space on the ground floor where the kitchen, living room, dining room and office are now located. mezzanine. After a year of work, the total area of ​​the house has increased from 133m2 to 361m2: an area almost tripled to the delight of the family!

Spotlight on the outdoors

The strong point of this renovation undoubtedly lies in the exteriors, which have benefited from a real facelift. Instead of the old veranda and the steep, inaccessible garden, the family now benefits from two beautiful terraces: one placed on the first level, facing the living room, and the second in the extension of the bedrooms. Metal body guards are attached between each pillar of the terrace to match the contemporary spirit with a mineral touch. On the ground, the architect favored wood for its warmth and contemporary lines. In terms of colors, a palette of gray, ranging from pebble gray to anthracite, was chosen in agreement with the owners; these tones are found inside the house on furniture, certain metallic elements and in the kitchen.

A wind of modernity blows on the decor!

The decoration had remained "in its own juice" and did not correspond to the wishes of the family. A beautiful cathedral living room now replaces the old, outdated and unattractive food rooms. To achieve this result, Ninon Josset decided to break the old floor that separated the ground floor from the attic. By exploiting the roof height, the young woman multiplies the volumes and brings a beautiful feeling of space to the living room. In terms of decoration, the star is left to the materials: the wooden beams and the solid parquet floor give character to the room while bringing a spectacular touch! The neutral tones are cleverly enhanced by a touch of cherry red, which brings pep and modernity to the whole stay.