10S Fork, the fork that takes care of you

10S Fork, the fork that takes care of you

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It's no longer a surprise, connected objects are expanding and invading our daily lives a little more each day. After the toothbrushes and smart scales in our bathrooms, the activity bracelets and the sleep systems to watch over our nights, it's the turn of the Slow Control brand to offer us a new way of approaching our your own health thanks to its revolutionary connected fork called 10S Fork. Explanation!

An educational and control tool for the correct acquisition of your eating behavior

Today's increasingly busy lifestyles encourage us to eat quickly, even on the go. To tackle this problem, the startup Slow Control has developed 10S Fork, a connected fork that allows users to modify their eating behavior: eat better, more slowly, in order to prevent many risks linked to bad habits. By means of a very slight vibration, and unique and patented capacitive technologies, the 10S Fork lets you know if the rate of ingestion of food is too fast and therefore influence the way of eating. To do this, the fork to ten seconds, the time necessary for good chewing.

A credible alternative to traditional diet methods

10S Fork is also accompanied by the Slow Control smartphone application with which it interconnects via Bluetooth. The fork records during meals several information which will be analyzed by the application: time and duration of meals, time between each appetizer in particular. This with the aim of eventually opening a dialogue with a community of dieticians, among others, able to support, help and advise users in their uses. Exit therefore junk food shipped quickly done well on a corner of the table. We are rediscovering tastes and flavors thanks to this new healthy gesture!
In terms of design, the fork is available in five colors: blue, green, pink, black and white, enough to satisfy everyone's tastes.
10S Fork is sold for 99 euros More info on the Slow Control website