Put away your garden tools in a jiffy

Put away your garden tools in a jiffy

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Very bulky, garden tools can quickly become a real headache when it comes to storing them. However, there are many pieces of furniture and accessories that allow them to be stored - or even displayed - in a practical and accessible way. Demonstration.

Adapted furniture

It is not always easy to store your garden tools, especially when you have neither the space nor the budget to invest in a garden shed provided for this purpose. The simplest solution therefore consists in installing a specific arrangement in your garage, cellar or balcony. In terms of furniture, you have several choices. The storage chest not only allows you to hide and store your tools but it also serves as an extra seat outside. It exists in classic format, but also in the form of a bench or cabinet with hinged doors. Most of the models are made of resin, a material that effectively combats the effects of the sun, cold and humidity. The garden centers (Botanic,, Truffaut, etc.) also offer workbenches and winning tables, at very varied prices, which contain several very practical storage drawers and a work plan for your various gardening works. The 2 in 1 therefore has a bright future ahead of it!

We put on accessories

Coat hooks and wall hooks will be your best allies, especially if you lack space in the garage or cellar. Make the most of the wall space to hang and hang your tools, which will be close at hand when you need them. Another alternative: open shelves and chests, which like umbrella holders allow you to slide any tool into it, whatever its height. Complete your equipment with various boxes of different sizes and capacities for your small tools (pruning shears, weedkiller knife, transplanter, serfouette ...). Stacked on top of each other, they will occupy only a minimum of space for optimized storage space!
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