Tutorial: making a cloud bag

Tutorial: making a cloud bag

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If you often have your head in the clouds, this tutorial is made for you! Make your own cloud tote bag, an original and poetic fabric bag, thanks to this tutorial offered by the collective blog Noix de cocoon. duration : about 1 hour Cost : around 10 €


You will need: - a blank tote bag - gray fabric - textile paint in different colors - textile glue - glitter - scissors - thread - a needle - a pencil - brushes


1. We draw the cloud shape on the back of the gray fabric and then carefully cut it out with the scissors.
2. Then stick your cloud motif on the cotton bag or sew it if you prefer.
3. Trace drops of water under the cloud using the pencil.
4. Apply glue (here the Pébéo Setacolor 3D) inside a few drops, following the contours well. Then cover the glue with glitter. Tap to remove excess.
5. Fill the remaining drops with textile paint using fine paintbrushes.
6. Fix the paint by ironing the bag on its back.


And now, you have just customized your fabric bag which is now unique in the world! You can also imagine all kinds of original shapes to personalize your bag! And if this tutorial woke up the little girl who was sleeping in you, you can also learn how to make a gym bag!

Thank you to the Cocoon Nut blog for their creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your cloud bags on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!