Tutorial: easily knitting a scarf with a long knitting

Tutorial: easily knitting a scarf with a long knitting

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If you've always wanted to knit your own scarf but are already having trouble holding chopsticks, the following tutorial will revolutionize your relationship with knitting. Today we are going to learn how to knit a scarf easily using a knitting machine.


-a long knit - a crochet -a ball of yarn Budget: around 30 € Duration: around 4 hours


1. To start, pass the wire around each nail one after the other, changing sides each time as in the photo: a nail on the bottom side, a nail on the top side, a nail on the side bottom etc.
2. Slide the first row down and repeat the operation with the nails.
3. Pass the hook through the loops of the first row, then pass the loop of the thread over the nails.
4. Slide the second row down and repeat the same operations.
5. Continue always repeating the same operations, the scarf will begin to form from the underside of the knitted fabric.
6. Once you have reached the desired length, start removing the loops one by one with the hook.
7. With the hook, take the loops that face each other in pairs, make a slip stitch, then continue with one stitch in the air between each pair. Finally, tie the knots and hide the ends of the threads.


And here you are, you have just created the scarf of your dreams in just a few hours! And to be fully prepared against the cold, learn to knit a headband to match your scarf!
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