The bathroom becomes a living room

The bathroom becomes a living room

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The bathroom is no longer just a compulsory passage for a few minutes a day! Now it has its place among the living rooms of the house.

Invest the bathroom

The bathroom is becoming more and more important in terms of home comfort. It is also more and more functional and design: nothing is left to chance on the decoration side. We take up the space in the bathroom because we feel good there and we make sure we want to stay there for a while. This is why the layout is essential: for a cozy bathroom where you want to take time for yourself, you choose to add a carpet, cushions, or even a small armchair if there is enough space. The daily use of the bathroom is no longer just that of a "bathroom": you stop there to read a good book in your bath or listen to music for example. Bathroom rhymes with tranquility.

The bathroom, a place to live

Of course, we are not going to settle there to eat, but we do more than wash, it is a room reserved for relaxation and pampering. This is one of the specific functions of the bathroom, just like the living room or the dining room have their own. It is not uncommon to find in the bathroom lighting effects, home fragrances, massaging baths and elaborate decoration that create a special and personal atmosphere. If we give more and more importance to all the rooms of the house, it is above all because we lack space then as much to exploit them all to the maximum. In addition, the apartments are sometimes poorly balanced and a small space can thus benefit from a good size bathroom, thus optimizing the surface of this room. We also speak of a living room in the case of parental suites since the bedroom and the bathroom form a whole, a unit of room.
When we speak of a bathroom erected as a living room, that means that we now pay as much attention to the bathroom as to the living room and that the decor codes of this room are transformed. In the bathroom, the decorative atmospheres are now as pronounced as those of other rooms with styles that one would have thought incompatible with the bathroom like the industrial style for example. But the bathroom in the living room also marks the renewal of the furniture. Today, the vanity unit looks like a sideboard and an armchair is added next to the bathtub. We also decorate the walls of the bathroom as we could do for the other rooms. In a word: we do everything to appreciate our visit to the bathroom.