Tutorial: a wooden trivet with geometric patterns

Tutorial: a wooden trivet with geometric patterns

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That's it, after five seasons of Top Chef, you have mastered the art of gourmet, crunchy and Espelette pepper. But before you embark on an Almost Perfect Dinner, you need to review the decoration of the table a little. So start with a simple but essential element: the trivet. Today, we are going to learn how to make a wooden trivet with geometric shapes to give a resolutely designer touch to your table.


- a 1 mm thick balsa board - a wooden piece of 17 x 17 cm - a cutter - a square - a tube of Super Glue type instant glue - wood oil - a brush - a pencil Budget: around 10 € Duration: 1 hour


1. Apply a coat of wood oil on all sides of the 17 x 17 cm square following the instructions. Define the desired geometric pattern and cut out the necessary balsa pieces with a craft knife. Place these pieces of balsa on the wooden square.
2. Glue the balsa pieces on the wooden piece using dots of glue. If necessary, cut off the protruding edges with a craft knife.
3. Repeat the same operations to create a different pattern on the back.


That's it, the makeover of your table has started, with this trivet that gives a design and natural touch to your table. The little extra: you can change sides depending on your mood!
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