Before / After: Brightening up a slightly too wise apartment

Before / After: Brightening up a slightly too wise apartment

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Located in the 17th arrondissement of the capital, this large, strict and charmless Haussmann apartment required a real splash. The renovations, carried out for several weeks by the interior architecture agency Eva & A, totally dusted off a set a little too agreed to make room for a beautiful, cheerful and colorful apartment. Specialist in high-end interior design, Eva & A has endeavored to recreate a chic and friendly space, where red is the star while bringing a big boost to old moldings. Style lesson.

A majestic and theatrical entrance

Before : The entrance is not very attractive, with large volumes that are poorly exploited. There is no specific storage or arrangement to accommodate guests. After : The tone is set as soon as you cross the door threshold: visitors are greeted in a huge entrance with theatrical looks, surrounded by an air suspension in XXL dimensions. What was only a place of passage has become a room in its own right, warm and design. The old parquet floor, like the moldings on the walls and the ceiling, are a nice reminder of the Haussmannian past of the place. Like the living room, the walls are now displayed in red to energize the room and personalize it.

Restoring character to the Haussmann style

Before : The apartment, sad and cold, has white walls and faded parquet floors. The architectural details are not highlighted by the somewhat dated monochrome walls. After : The skilful mixture of styles, energized by a beautiful carmine red hue, awakens the Haussmannian spirit in an explosive way. Fireplace, moldings, paneling ... every detail finds its superb to form a table as eclectic as contemporary.

Defining the style of the kitchen

Before : The kitchen has been fitted out in an ultra basic way, with a charming white tiling and classic cream walls. After : The decorator Angélique Nocentini has imagined a revisited bistro style, modernized with designer accessories. The new kitchen displays a section of wall covered with slate paint, on which the whole family can express themselves. The white walls come back to life thanks to the colorful accessories and the kitchen becomes a convivial room, where everyone meets for a moment of sharing.

Twister the toilet

Before : Any toilet without any decorative interest. After : The toilets do not leave anyone indifferent thanks to the new decoration with baroque influences. Gold and black blend harmoniously from floor to ceiling for a very chic touch!