Pool shelters: advice before installation

Pool shelters: advice before installation

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Before installing or installing your pool enclosure, you must ask yourself the right questions in order to choose the model that best suits your needs. There are many models of pool enclosures. You have to choose the shape, the height, the material, the function and the possible options. It will also be necessary to determine the budget linked to this acquisition and organize the installation of the pool enclosure. To ensure that the work takes place without odds, the editorial team offers you some advice in advance.

Choose a suitable shelter

The first thing to do before installing a pool enclosure is to choose it! To do this, you must determine the model according to the size of the pool, its location, the use you want to make of the shelter (heated, secure space, etc.), the space you want to have at the inside the shelter, around the pool, etc. There are different types of pool enclosures. Some, back-to-back, allow you to access your pool from your house without going outside. Others simply protect the pool from the weather and facilitate maintenance.

Choose a shelter at the right height

Height is an important selection criterion. A low pool enclosure generally measures less than a meter. It helps to preserve the landscape because it does not obstruct the view that you have in your garden. Thanks to a low pool enclosure, the temperature of your pool water is increased and the pool cleanliness is improved. A mid-high shelter is a shelter of less than 1.80m. It allows you to enjoy your pool inside the shelter and even decorate this relaxation area. Finally, the high shelters offer the possibility of creating a real pool area in which you will love spending time in and out of the water. These are the only shelters that require an administrative approach with the town hall. Do not forget to make a declaration of work to your municipality.

Plan the installation

Installing a pool enclosure is planned in advance. You must make sure you have all the tools you will need to mount the shelter, but also to protect and secure the site. You should also choose a day when the weather is mild!

Protect your pool

To install your pool enclosure with complete peace of mind, you must protect your pool. Although the shelter is mounted next to the pool, it will have to be fixed. By protecting your pool, you make sure that no tool (or yourself) will fall into it.

Get help

Building a pool enclosure can be tricky. It is important to learn and study the plans before getting started. If you do not feel comfortable with the assembly of your future pool enclosure, it is imperative to have help from one or more people. You can also ask a professional such as a pool engineer to set up your shelter. The service has a cost but the installation is guaranteed.