Ibis Styles hotels win their design deco on Instagram!

Ibis Styles hotels win their design deco on Instagram!

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The Ibis Styles hotels have many designer objects, original, beautiful and sometimes unusual, that we dream of having at home. So, in March, the Ibis Styles hotels launched a rather original competition which allows you to win these much-desired decorative objects. Locate a designer object in one of the participating hotels, photograph it, publish the photo on Instagram and get the number of likes required before May 13 to try to win this object!

Concretely, how do we play?

Suppose you are staying in the Ibis Styles hotel in Les Sables-d'Olonne. You spot a superb beanbag in the shape of a pebble in the entrance hall. It turns out that a label indicating the name of this pouffe is next to it. You photograph the object which is therefore called "#pouffe_stone" (but yes, it is marked on the label!). You publish your photo on Instagram by mentioning the hashtag #captureibisstyles and the name of the object. Ah well, you notice that a number is also indicated on the label! This is the price of the object. The Stone pouf is therefore worth 50… hearts? Yes, you read correctly ! It is actually "likes": you must therefore get 50 likes on your photo to be able to win this pretty beanbag!

Put the odds on your side!

Of course, you have to get enough likes before May 13th. And reaching the sufficient number only allows you to participate in the draw to win the object in question. Fortunately, Ibis Styles also offers you another contest where you just have to like one of the objects on their Instagram account to participate in a draw and try to win it. What put the odds on your side! Find all the details of the game on