Video: create a vegetable garden in your garden

Video: create a vegetable garden in your garden

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Have you just moved into a house with a garden and want to devote part of it to creating a vegetable garden? Before you go headlong, it is essential to follow a few rules if you want to see your seeds grow properly, starting with the choice of location and tools. Guy Tournellec, gardener, gives you some advice that will help you get started in the development of your vegetable garden. Discover them on video!

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The location

The choice of the location of your vegetable garden is crucial for the good development of your future plantations. It must be exposed to the sun and protected as much as possible from the prevailing winds. Note that it is not uncommon to have different temperatures in the same garden depending on air currents, shade ...

Prepare the land

Once you have chosen your location, it is time to prepare the land. For this, the most practical tool certainly remains the grelinette. The latter is very practical because it allows to turn the earth easily, without pulling on the back muscles. After having turned the earth, it is strongly advised to enrich it with compost. For the latter to really have an effect, reserve three to four kilograms of compost per square meter. Then, bring a garden claw that will help you remove clods of soil.

Refine the earth

Finally, use a rake to refine the soil. Do not plant its teeth in the ground at the risk of creating "corrugated iron" which will not bode well at the time of planting. If you followed Guy's advice, your land is ready to accommodate various plants. Over the years, do not hesitate to repeat these operations to constantly keep a rich soil, and thus have beautiful fruits and vegetables in your garden. Find Preparation of a vegetable garden on